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AirQlean High™ – Smoking Room Concept

AirQlean High™ captures, cleans and purifies air using a high tech filtering system before recycling it back into the greater environment.

AirQlean High™ is a ceiling mounted air filtration system. Its advanced technology efficiently traps ascending smoke gases and particles, which creates a better air cleaning solution for existing smoking rooms.

Using a system of high performance HEPA and carbon filters, the air that's captured is returned to the smoking room filtered and 100 % clean. Installed in the ceiling above the smokers, the AirQlean High extracts the maximum amount of rising hazardous tobacco smoke from the air.

Blue check Most efficient air cleaner on the market

Blue check Cleans a smoking room in less than 12 minutes

Blue check High airspeed and multiple drift levels

Blue check Fire protection features to eliminate risks

Blue check Service indicators guarantees performance over time

This is How it Produces Clean Air
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